Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Message From the Founder of G.O.T.R.

Here is a message from the Founder of Girls on the Run, Molly Barker.

"Hi amazing girls! I am so glad you are now a Girl on the Run! I remember how I felt when I was your age. Sometimes I felt like I didn't fit in. I went through times wanting to be popular. When I was older, I was out on a run and I finally realized that all that mattered was how I felt about myself - not what others thought. I was in charge of my life.

I now know that I am amazing, beautiful, and wonderful. And so are you! We are all strong, wise and beautiful just the way we are! Look at the girls with you in this circle and realize how wonderful you each are in your own ways!

Your friend and biggest fan, Molly Barker"

Molly Barker started G.O.T.R. in North Carolina. In 1996, she met with a small group of girls just like us! And we are so grateful for her vision! This is now, a nationwide program. Thank you Molly, we are so excited to start another season of Girls on the Run, here at Woodview Elementary!

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