Thursday, September 19, 2013

Getting to Know Each Other

For our first day together, we played a getting to know you game! We all thought of an adjective that described each of us, and that also started with the first letter of our name!
Some examples were... Kind Kayla, Magnificent Marissa, Amazing Ada, and Nice Neena.
We went around our circle and shared and then played a little game where we ran around and placed our stickers on our friends' backs.

After we all introduced ourselves, we played a running game. As Coach Hiner yelled out a quality, if the girl felt it discribed her, then she ran to Coach Benge and then back. Some of the items were: loves to dance, is an only child, loves to read, has brown eyes, was born in another city, has participated in girls on the run before, and the list continues... This is a great 'get to know you' game! We realized things that we have in common with one another, while also being proud of what makes us who we are!

 Girls on the Run, is so much FUN!

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