Monday, September 9, 2013

Great article about Girls on the Run!

Check out this great article about Girls on the Run, written by Laura Martin.

Girls on the Run is really making a difference in the lives of girls, nationwide! What a terrific program to promote! I love having the opportunity to promote this great program and seeing the positive effects it has on all the girls.

Girls on the run is a nonprofit organization and is currently serving OVER 130,000 girls in more than 200 different cities across North America! It is continuing to grow Every year! In Greater Houston Area itself, we have more than doubled in the past year! The word is spreading and girls are loving being a part of this great program! 

The article has a great synopses about what Girls on the Run is all about...  Laura Martin recorded an interview with 'York', someone who has been involved with Girls on the Run for the past twelve years, and this is what she shared about Girls on the Run... "Running is secondary to the life lessons that we teach the girls, for the most part you are teaching them these life lessons without them realizing they are learning them. Instead of sitting them in a room and talking at them, they are doing activities and learning." This is so true! The curriculum is designed in such a great way, I love being a part of the conversations we have with these girls over the different lessons.

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